Nature's Archive by Michael Hawk

Earth is one system, and Nature's Archive explores it all. Nature's Archive focuses on global ecology - especially birds, lizards, and butterflies. But you'll also find lots of mammals, landscapes, insects, weather and more!

Hello, I'm Michael Hawk. Based in California, I've been obsessively photographing and investigating the nature and ecology of everywhere I live and travel. My goal is to share the majesty of nature - even that which is in your own backyard! By helping to spread awareness of the importance of natural systems, I hope people will develop a deeper care for preserving and conserving the world we live in.

I share the natural world through this website, social media, my blog, and my new Nature's Archive Podcast.

My Podcast

Nature's Archive Podcast is now 1 year old! The podcast features inspirational guests that have found interesting and unique ways to make a difference for the environment. We dive deep into different taxa (everything from birds to lichens to leaf mining insects, dragonflies, and more), new technology that is aiding naturalists, and profiles of interesting non-profits. Check it out on any podcast service (Apple, Google, StitcherSpotify), ask your smart speaker to play "Nature's Archive Podcast", or simply visit my website and listen from there.

Please contact me at if you'd like to be added to our notification list, or would like to be a guest on the podcast.

My Photography

You may purchase my photos here on this website, in a variety of print or digital formats. I'm also available for hire - see below.

Or hire me for :

- customized nature photography, naturalist tours, or birding tours around Northern California

- photo shoots for your article, science project, or organizational outreach

Contact me with any questions of suggestions for the podcast:




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